View and remove 8 fraudulent applications on Google Play

برامج احتيالية على جوجل بلاي

Recently, many theft and fraudulent schemes are involved in stealing users’ data and money, you should be aware of them. There are 8 fraudulent apps on Google Play, they should be removed immediately, do not open them and do not download their applications On your mobile phone, cyber security researchers have discovered eight fraudulent applications that steal users’ data and money, and they stressed the need to remove it immediately from your mobile phones, if any, Should be removed immediately, and educate me through our site We will show fraudulent applications on Google Play to all our followers.

Fraudulent programs on Google Play
Beware of fraudulent programs on Google Play


It is worth noting that the number of operations to install malware has reached approximately 700,000 installations, including a wide variety of malware images (wallpapers – keyboard covers – photo editors – camera-related applications), and the RT website based on what it mentions.

Remove them from Google Play:

As the apps are listed in the “Google Play” store in the Arabian Peninsula and Southwest Asia, we refer to this article as McAfee, the largest company for cyber security, clarified in a blog post last Monday, fortunately “Google” removed them from the store after receiving reports from McAfee.

Fraud applications:

As a result of what two researchers in cybersecurity have mentioned in the reports submitted by them: A new wave of fraudulent applications that have been used recently has led to the Google Play Store. Malware included in these fraudulent applications hijack SMS notifications and then make unauthorized purchases.

Bypass Google Guards:

Applications are considered to be periodically reviewed before being allowed to enter the “Google Play” store, and due to the continuous development of technology it may have helped fraudsters find an easier way to circumvent it, and the applications were initially “clean” before malicious code was added through continuous updates. .

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Hacking and Victim Card Purchase:

The forms of robbery vary by hacker because the attacker makes a purchase using the victim’s credit card, which magnifies the purchase, and works to call the McAfee malware Android / Edinu, and even if it is removed from the “Google Play” store, the apps are likely to be on your phone.

Be sure to delete it:

If any of the following are lurking in your application library, be sure to delete them:
– Favorites.ap.k Paper
– com.super.color.hairdryer
– com.daynight.keyboard.wallpaper

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