Russia: Repression of protesters to protect Alexei Navalny

Moscow police have detained activists involved in the fight to protect imprisoned Alexei Navalny and his close associates.

Xeniza Pachomova, a former coordinator of Navalny’s staff in the western Siberian city of Kemerovo, was arrested. The activist was able to write on Twitter that the police had come for him. Not sure where it is now.

Police also took away Anna Samkova, who was associated with Navalny’s regional structures. A protocol was drawn up for violating the rules at meetings.

The OWD-Info portal reported the arrest of human rights defender Sergei Davidis, who was sent to a police station in Shukukino district. The reason for his arrest is unknown. Davidis works at the Human Rights Center of the Memorial Society, where he manages the assistance program for political prisoners.

According to OWD-Info data, Alexander Romanyenko, who took part in the protest, was detained in connection with the April 21 protests. Police say he repeatedly violated assembly laws.

Police also raided the home of Anna Dulevska, a volunteer who remembers the assassination of former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov. The Russian editorial office of the BBC News reported that the police did not allow a lawyer to Tulevska detained at the police station.

Among those detained on Sunday were former FBK employee Pavel Kripunin, blogger Dmitry Chernyshev and several others who took part in the April 21 protest. One of them told reporters that police had identified him on the basis of city surveillance cameras.

Russia’s BBC News reports that Alexei Kolovenko, a doctor interviewed by the BBC during the April 21 protests, has been detained by police. Police on Sunday took Kosovenka out for a walk with the children and took him to the police station.

On Saturday night, law enforcement officers arrived at the residence of Michael Sveito, an unregistered opposition Libertarian Party activist. His apartment was searched.

Activist lawyer, Dmitry Djokovic, said the search was related to a criminal case involving the corruption of minorities, which was launched in 2019 against Svedo. According to Radio Svoboda, the lawsuit was started after a photo of Sweeto’s ex-girlfriend was posted on Instagram. She gave evidence and denied that the man had committed any crime. Meanwhile, police did not allow his lawyer to visit Sweeto.

Also, police in Moscow on Saturday evening arrested another Libertarian party activist, Sergei Boyko, who is accused of violating the rules of organization of meetings.

On Saturday, Navalny’s staff activist Zakaterina Ostapiyenko was arrested in Vladivostok. It is suspected in two criminal cases related to causing difficulties in communication and engaging minors in illegal activities.

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