Man shot dead by Hollywood police after bizarre Sunset Boulevard clash | Abroad

U.S. police officers killed in a shooting in Hollywood on Saturday after he was found in a bulletproof vest behind the wheel of his car and ran into a police vehicle. Los Angeles City Police say.

When officers responded to a call Saturday afternoon and drove into Sunset Boulevard with flashing lights and sirens, they were suddenly disconnected by a black car, which immediately hit the brakes and retreated into the police car.


“The driver of the vehicle got out, put on body protection and hid his right hand behind his back,” police said. “Meanwhile he moved in the direction of the officers who got out of the patrol car. He counted ‘3, 2, 1’ and moved his hand to the front of his body.”

At the time, police were firing. The person died at the scene. The famed Sunset Boulevard Street was temporarily closed.

After a while the body was covered by a white tent.

After a while the body was covered by a white tent. © AFP

Video images on American news channels show how the man’s vehicle is covered with several white stickers. It is unknown at this time what he meant by this. The driver’s side window of the police vehicle can also be seen damaged, similar to what happened in a shooting, according to the NBC News branch in Los Angeles.

Special police investigators are on site to investigate the circumstances of the shooting. More information will come later.

The man's black car was covered with stickers.

The man’s black car was covered with stickers. © AFP

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