The escape of the Egyptians abducted in Libya .. Other records reveal their fate

The escape of the Egyptians abducted in Libya .. Other records reveal their fate

Egyptians abducted in Libya by armed criminal gangs in the Bani Walid region escaped from their prisoners and took refuge in one of the abandoned dens, where locals treated them until they were found and handed over to their families.

She was Al was alone yesterday and Saturday to report on the abduction of 35 Egyptians in the Bani Walid region.The captives demanded 700,000 dinars in exchange for their release.

According to information and audio recordings obtained by, the abducted 35 Egyptians were abducted by armed gangs in the Bani Walid area, all of which were later released in exchange for the ransom of 700,000 Libyan dinars.

It was reported that the 7 abductees were able to pay the ransom after contacting their families and relatives in Egypt and Libya, where an audio recording shows the abducted man contacting one of his relatives, Hussein, to get the ransom. In total, 28 more were waiting for their fate.

The remaining 28 managed to escape in two blocks from their kidnappers, including 16 of the chiefs, 12 of the second, and they disappeared into a thicket of the city until the sheikhs of the Libyan tribes could finish. In order to find them, they held them in their homes with their families in Egypt and Libya to protect them from being pursued by the kidnapping gang until they gave birth.

The names of many of the abductees, namely Muhammad Saeed Farhat, Hussein Hassan Ahmad, Muhammad al-Saeed Abdel Hakeem, Mahmoud Nabil Abdel Hakeem, Muhammad al-Saeed Ali Atiya and Omar Bati Ali Atiya, some of them from the governor of Fayyum and Behim and Behr.

He explained that some of the abductees had been handed over to their relatives and cousins ​​in Libya, some of whom had been sent to the city of Benghazi where he worked, and that some of them had been asked to return to Egypt.

How are abductions carried out?

According to, criminal gangs have been lurking among Egyptians coming to Libya through illegal immigration through a number of routes known to them. Foreigner, it was discovered that they were abducted from these areas and later transferred to Bani. Valid area to negotiate with their family and receive ransom money.

Two weeks ago, Egyptian citizens announced the abduction of 8 of their relatives working in Libya, while the kidnappers demanded 20,000 dinars each in exchange for their release, and they were actually released.

Many from the village of Gerd, which is affiliated with the city of Atza in the governor of Fayyum, have demanded the release of 20,000 Libyan dinars from armed men who abducted eight villagers working in Libya a year before In exchange for their liberation for every youth.

It is noteworthy that Egyptian authorities succeeded in freeing 32 youths abducted by gangs in Libya’s Bani Walid region last January. Releasing all but the gangs living in al-Adiyat and the industrial district of Bani Waleed before the authorities intervened and succeeded.

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