They did not stop sending the underwear and underwear of the Prime Minister of France

They did not stop sending the underwear and underwear of the Prime Minister of France

At least a hundred underwear, lace and bras of different styles have arrived at the office of French Prime Minister Jean Costex. Why?

Silk or cotton, tang or classic style: The office of the Prime Minister of France, Jean Costex, has come up with pieces of all kinds of feminine underwear. But not all of these favor Costex, but because of a certain type of opposition, Axion Brogas (Action in Glotti, in French), a group of underwear retailers, seeks help in the midst of the economic crisis.

The group derives its name from a play about words that can be taken to mean “bold action” in Spanish. These stores are concerned that their businesses will continue to be affected by French government restrictions, especially now facing a third national lockout within a year. When underwear retailers are closed, supermarkets open and sell underwear, monopolizing all sales. That’s why they ask Costex to investigate the situation and declare lingerie stores as essential businesses.

It should be noted that in contrast to this type of business, bookstores, log shops and candy stores are considered essential businesses in France.

“It simply came to our notice then. No, wearing your underwear every morning does not push you into the background. We have every right to open just like any other store, such as record shops or garden centers. We found it fun, symbolic and significant to send a pair of underwear to the government to tell them we were not happy, ”the Axien Prague group said in a video.

Closures affect about 150,000 businesses across the country, and not just underwear stores. Leaders of 12 business associations and 150 major French brands published a letter in the newspaper Parisian Since the strength of these businesses is “underestimated” it is important to reopen businesses by May 10, which has already lost more than 30% of business activity so far this year.

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“If small businesses close, city centers will die,” they warn Parisian.

According to French government spokesman Gabriel Attell, the reopening of all trades will not take place until mid-May, depending on how the situation develops in these three weeks. France records more than 30,000 infections a day. The World Health Organization views the situation “seriously” across the continent because 9,500 cases are reported despite being vaccinated.

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