To tidy up your refrigerator like Kim Kardashian, go to “Home Edit” mode

To tidy up your refrigerator like Kim Kardashian, go to "Home Edit" mode

(ETX Studio) – Let storage fans be happy. There is a definite way to drag it like a work of art in a refrigerator. Appreciated by Kim Kardashian, the “Home Edit” technique suggests arranging dishes based on type and color, and then labeling them. The result is as satisfying as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Monomaniac of storage? Enjoy, after your closet and your walk-in closet, it’s time for your refrigerator to use the latest storage trends. We already know the inevitable Mary Conte. This Japanese woman has raised savings to the standard of art and philosophy of life. His almost meditative technique of folding attracted millions of messengers, believing that their lives (and the saving of their interiors) were not finally screwed up.

Food Blonde

Realizing the right nerve, many companies have established themselves. Home front lead. The American company, led by Klia and Joan, is panicking savings fans. In the Netflix series dedicated to them, these “home organizers” describe their method. Be careful about the eyes, if their technique is a big hit, it is super aesthetic and can even be used in your refrigerator. The reason? Each dish is arranged by type and color in its small pot with its storage label. It didn’t take long for Rangers around the world to spin with reverence.

Detail method

Storage fans know the first step: reduction. Exit, the sauces are half opened and consumed, the poor crushed carrot is forgotten in a corner. After destruction, we disinfect. We take out the plates, the plates and rub them from top to bottom.

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Then, it’s so much fun, we divide it into categories: yogurt with yogurt, apples with apples and so on. We place food with patience and transparent trays. Is there a need to make it clear that they need to be aligned, stacked and aligned?

Be careful, there is no envy, we apply the same principle in our basement. Keep in mind that the uniqueness of pins is what creates the beauty of this storage system.

If you want to use the “Home Edit” technique more, you should not hesitate to mix it with the “Conmari” method, which is recommended to get 30% space in unexpected situations.

Less disturbing

Finally, whose refrigerator makes the creola stored in the light color of the rainbow, you should now use the method on a daily basis. So do less hassle. Because in the end, just like in politics, in our fridge, using the right slogan is often enough. No?

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