Amazon is changing the logo of its app because it is old … like Hitler

Amazon is changing the logo of its app because it is old ... like Hitler
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The multi-billion dollar US company is now essential in world trade. Especially since the onset of the epidemic. The only snack on the board, the logo of its mobile app had some similarities with the unwanted historical figure.

An old logo

Amazon is a leader in global trade. In these times of epidemics, home births are at the center of our daily lives. With a single click, web users can find one of the most visited sites in the world. To do this, the mobile app is useful and easy to use.

Very sober, the old logo of the app represents a set in which appeared the now inevitable and recognizable “smile” company, and part of the adhesive tape above.

However, it is this last little detail that has provoked internet users. The blue adhesive tape on the ears, or “toothbrush”, reminded Internet users of Adolf Hitler’s famous mustache.

New logo without fanfare

Already in the eyes of many voluntary charities and audiences, Amazon is being criticized for its dangerous work methods. The logo, which was stolen by Internet users at the monument to the Nazi dictator, was therefore more of a straw for Jeff Bezos’ company.

Optionally redirected on social networks, the old Amazon logo immediately lost its trigger power. Communication and representation of a company like Amazon is important. Internet users actually saw the smiling dictator’s face: a piece of adhesive tape representing the famous mustache, the arrow acted as a smile.

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“I know the new Amazon app icon will represent their packaging, but every time I look at it Ang comes out of the avatar and smiles at me, lol.”

Bug quickly corrected by company designers. However, not a word about it. Switching from one piece of tape to a simple square half seamlessly was done brilliantly. As one Internet user rightly pointed out, no newsletter was sent to discuss this change. The logo has become too small.

Since this change, the new logo has already been removed.

“Laughing, I missed the fact that Amazon has quietly changed its new icon. ”

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