These users use boxes and racks for their wonderful home labs

These users use boxes and racks for their wonderful home labs

There are people who say that having a PC is not enough: they are A small home server system It motivates us to go a bit (a little) beyond what we normally consider a job.

This is the place Racks, and those boxes that can hold multiple computers and servers It offers much wider and more powerful possibilities if they want to load it “in a big way” for their owners. Also, too.

The Art of Home Labs

Although server racks are traditionally used in data centers and supercomputing facilities, it is not uncommon to see them in small businesses. Even in independent homes. Idea: Keeping at your fingertips everything you need to test new technological solutions at the software and hardware level.

Rack 2

Supremacy, for example, proves this / r / homelab, With various examples of user meetings Take advantage of these types of “home labs” For example, it allows you to connect a multimedia server to a NAS and to computers that we can connect to at all times.

The reasons for using these structures are clear: Help protect PC or server And they leave all the infrastructure in a theoretically secluded and independent place: it is difficult to “travel” over these racks, but it is not difficult to do it with a PC, one can keep it at the table or rest it on the floor.

Rack 5

Another reason Encourage air flow: The design of these systems is conducive to that distribution and ventilation, although the internal ventilation of the devices here is responsible for the main part of that work.

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The Energy consumption management It is very convenient in a rack as PCs and servers often use unwanted power and uninterruptible power supply (UPS or UPS) in these facilities to prevent power outages. The rack closes right away and loses workflow.

This type of assembly allows mounting particularly small (and not so small) Home or business servers So, manage a web server from that service, which can work on different services, for example, we can create for mass sorting.

Rack 4

Therefore, it is not even necessary to rent a virtual private server or machine at a third-party data center: these assemblies make it possible for the user to have everything at their fingertips, with the advantage of having everything at hand. Of course, with flaws: Now that user becomes the mandatory computer administrator of the said infrastructure.

Of course, there are those who use the idea in such interesting ways Place both computers and consoles or sound equipment there, But in the end the principle is the same: keeping all those machines well organized in one place certainly frees up the traditional desktop.

Rack 3

For many, these are home labs They are perfect for learning and experimenting with all kinds of ideas Related to computer and server management, but they are also perfect as a testing environment for software and hardware solutions. Sure: Fans join that forum depending on what they say, but it’s expensive in money … And time.

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