“Passenger n ° 4” on Netflix: In space, no one heard them cry

This is the first “Punchline” of “Alien”: “In space, no one hears you screaming”. We can apply this to “Passenger n ° 4” which was not released on Netflix this Thursday, by replacing the “cry” with “cry” because the film is a space tragedy.

Set in the future, the film tells the story of three American astronauts traveling to Mars in a minimal spacecraft, a journey that would last two years. Besides, shortly after takeoff, three scientists – two women and a man – discover that a fourth passenger had been mistakenly hidden on the plane: this technician from the platform where they were departing had fallen asleep while playing a game.

After the surprising result, especially for the unfortunate man who boarded the ship, he realized that he was not going to see his sister, of whom he was the legal guardian, for two years, the crew organized and handed over some tasks to the new. Came.

But quickly, everyone will take on the scale of the main problem that creates this unexpected guest: the presence of oxygen on board is not enough to allow three passengers to arrive safely. All four passengers will then try their best to find a viable solution, i.e. take significant risks by influencing their research and attempting dangerous maneuvers outside the ship, in the cold of space. But nothing helps: they have to decide to separate from one of them on the whole flight. But who can be sacrificed? After everyone sheds a lot of tears, one of the astronauts defends the unexpected choice …

When Anna Kendrick was disappointed

Inspired by the title, individuals who want to host themselves for a family streaming evening in front of space entertainment, make immediate progress. Unlike conventional science fiction canons, “Passenger n ° 4” is not a Hollywood hobby in space, but has a camera that can talk about psychoanalytic questions. Without a monotonous quiz at all, instead of a pretty serious look for an innovative perception and, at the same time, some trying action scenes for the characters in relation to the audience.

Thanks to Gin ‘translator Daniel Day Kim in the “Lost” series and Sinnie in “Hawaii 5-0”, the weird mother Tony Colette in “Little Miss” for the beautiful score. The protagonist of the series “Sunshine” and “United States of Tara”, especially Anna Kendrick, here contradicts the light roles we have become accustomed to in Disney productions such as “Into the Woods” or more recently “Noel”. The presence and empathy he brings to the character of Joe, the medical astronaut of this dangerous mission to the Red Planet, counts a lot in the success of the film.

Author Rating: 4/5

“Passenger n ° 4”, American science fiction film by Joe Penna (2021), with Anna Kendrick, Tony Colette, Daniel Day Kim… 1m56. Netflix.

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