COVID-19: The situation in Outaouais is critical

COVID-19: The situation in Outaouais is critical

Although special measures have been extended in the region and the border between Quebec and Ontario has been closed, Outoise health officials believe the COVID-19 situation is still out of control.

Up to 17% of all hospitals registered in Quebec last week were out of office. What’s more, the test positive rate of 10.9% was the highest ever in any region, well ahead of the provincial average. Subsequently, less than 85% of these positive tests varied.

“The situation has improved somewhat, but the statistics are very high,” said Dr. Brigitte Pinard, executive director of public health at Outreach, citing an average of 135 new cases daily and 86 active eruptions. In the region.

Patient transfer

Five patients with COVID-19 over the weekend were transferred to hospitals in Outreach to Laurentian over the weekend due to a lack of beds at Hull Hospital in Cட்டte d’Ivoire.

The Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Service Center (CISSSO) designated COVID-19 was expected to increase the capacity of the center to 80 beds, but increasing the number of people in need of critical care during this third wave will change the plan, he explained to reporters.

“On Friday we saw a rapid increase in the number of people admitted to the hospital so that all of our beds were occupied within a few hours. [Ces transferts] Not desirable, but we had to allow them to give us some way in the short term, ”said Franz Dumont, Cisso’s deputy CEO, pointing out that a patient had been sent back to the hospital.

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Postponed transactions

This constant pressure on the outdoor health network has led to the postponement of 1,126 surgeries since March 21, which are deemed unnecessary.

With this in mind, Cisso has completely closed the operating theater of Babino Hospital, located in Katino, in the Buckingham area, to divert resources to Hockey Hospital.

Data released Wednesday showed 101 new COVID-19 cases out of a total of 967 active cases in the region. Of these, 58 have been admitted to hospital, of which 21 are in critical condition and six are in intensive care.

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