One day, an item made in France (Season 3): Pyrex Foods

One day, an item made in France (Season 3): Pyrex Foods

Pyrex oven dish (here, sample

In 1916 the iconic pie dish became the first in the history of pyrex. Gave this brand its name. Corning, an American company, was first inspired by “By-Right” Pie plate, Pi Pan), but finally chose Pyrex, which sounds like Nonex, the name of the borosilicate glass formula patented a few years ago by an American company responsible for creating a glass that resists heat shock.

Very quickly, the new pastry utensil became the messenger of Pyrex cooking glass, a symbol of its purity and sharpness. In one of the first commercials, Corning committee secretary Catherine Hooper strikes a pose and grabs a bag of pies in her hands, through which she smiles. We have to believe that the “housewives” of that time, who were attached to metal utensils, would save their time, fuel and elbow grease by rubbing grease in vain by firing their apple pie into the new mold. A little revolution.

By 2020, five million oven dishes will have been sold

It was not until 1922 that the history of pyrex glass became French. Production of glass models is now done in the Paris region. In 1970, production set off for Chattanooga. The factory produces 44 million pieces each year. In a glass collection made in France, the scallop shell, a ாயம் Mandatory Inspired by the shape of the famous mollusk or anti-milk pump, the gourmet tables prevent a small flat plate from overflowing from a bowl of boiled milk. Childhood memory for some, which can still be found in museum stores or second-hand stores.

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By 2020, pie dish is the best seller for Pirex: more than 600,000 copies have been sold worldwide, including nearly 200,000 in France. By 2020 container-driven Pyrex has sold more than 5 million glass oven dishes worldwide, up half a million more than the previous year. Another testament to the fact that people have returned to the kitchen since the onset of the epidemic… The brand’s latest design innovation arrives this spring: an unprecedented collection of glassware with a colorful exterior finish (yellow, blue, red and black). Art Deco lines for this mineral enamel made in Indra.

One day, an item made in France (Season 3)

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