Emilia Clark in one of Disney +'s most anticipated series

Emilia Clark in one of Disney +’s most anticipated series

When Game of Thrones The actress is celebrating her tenth birthday this year Emilia Clark Connects with the cast of a series Disney + Eagerly awaited by fans Marvel.

The long-awaited series

Revealed to the public for the role of Daenerys Darkarian, Emilia Clark has been trying to make her hole in the world of big Hollywood blockbusters for years. Went through the boxes Terminator Genesis And Solo: A Star Wars story, The British actress is not particularly lucky, as these two films have been denied two licenses by fans.

However, it seems that Emilia Clark has a chance to be a lead actress again Disney cast her in a series that will be of great interest to Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. This is the series Secret invasion.

This Variety Who leaked the information. Popular American media, Especially popular with moviegoers and service providers, However we are not informed of the nature of the role entrusted to the English actress. Hence the mystery.

Expected for 2022 or 2023, Secret invasion Is adaptationEvent Wonderful of the same name, Who says Invasion of the Earth by Scrolls, he transformed into many great superheroes. Introduced by the film by Marvel Cinematic Universe Captain Marvel, The Scrolls are a race that shapes aliens in battle with Greece. We saw them twice: in Spider-Man: Far away from home As well as in the latest Disney + Marvel series. Series Secret invasion Presumably, it should be very relevant to the film Captain Marvel, Samuel L. Being in the role of Nick Fury in the role of Jackson, or more accurately, in the post-credits scene instead of him in the role of Scroll Spider-Man: Far away from home.

Notice that tooEmilia Clark will share the screen with fellow UK film and television star. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter Teaches us todayOlivia Coleman is currently in talks with Marvel Studios to play a role Secret invasion. English actress who won the Oscar for Best Actress for this film Favorites Yorgos Lantimos wrote about the history of the British small screen in depth and saw her in some of the best English series: Office, Wide Church, Flyback And Crown.

It is not yet known whether Emilia Clark and Olivia Coleman will play Scrolls or Terrence. That’s all we know Filming is scheduled to begin in the UK next October. We can not wait to see what it will give, and we will communicate various information related to it Secret invasion When they are exposed.

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