Costex will be assisting from Paris when carrying the Thomas Basket to the space station


The Crew Dragon spacecraft is scheduled to take off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 12:11 pm this Thursday and join the International Space Station (ISS).

Jean Costex heads with the stars. The prime minister will travel to the headquarters of the National Center for Space Research (Cnes) in Paris this Thursday, from where he will depart on an Alpha Mission flight commanded by Frenchman Thomas Pesket.

The Crew Dragon spacecraft, built by the American company SpaceX, will arrive on Thursday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 6:11 a.m. or at the International Space Station (ISS) in Paris at 12:11 p.m. In addition to Thomas Baskett, a Frenchman with the European Space Agency (ESA), the mission will include two American astronauts, Shane Kimbero and Megan McArthur, and Japanese Akihiko Hoshaid.

“The mission is an example of the excellence of French and European research and the richness of Franco-American cooperation in this field,” Madnigan said Wednesday.

The head of state will be accompanied by Minister of Research and Innovation Frederick Vidal and Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Peon as he broadcasts his departure from Paris’ headquarters in Guinness.

Europe in space conquest

Thomas Baskett told reporters that his presence underscores Europe’s determination to capture space.

“We are important as an (aerospace) agency because we have been part of the ISS program for 20 years now and we want to take part in what happens next,” the Frenchman said, referring specifically to the manned flight program for the moon, Artemis.

During its mission, the team is responsible for conducting a number of scientific experiments. Among the favorites, according to Thomas Baskett, is the study of the effects of weight loss on brain organoids (mini-brain developed in the laboratory).

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A publication associated with Earth Day

Scientists hope that this research will help space agencies expose teams to the hardships of space in the long run, and to produce tasks that will help combat brain disease on Earth.

Another major part of the trip was to upgrade the station’s solar system by installing new compact panels that roll like a giant yoga mat.

The launch of the Alpha Mission (also known as “Crew-2”) coincides with Earth Day, and by its return in the fall, it will have taken 1.5 million images of events such as algae growth and artificial lighting and contributed to environmental research. Night.

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