AirTax has finally released Apple

AirTax has finally released Apple

Apple Trackers will be available from April 30 for $ 35 each.

That’s it, Apple has finally decided to regularize AirTax. Apple enthusiasts can finally get their hands on head trackers. As a reminder, AirTake is a small circular object that allows you to track and locate an object attached from Apple’s location app.

All you have to do is attach the air tag to the iPhone or Apple Watch and find my invention. “The detector near your airtake emits a secure Bluetooth signal that can be detected by network devices. These devices send your airtake location information to iCloud. You can go to the location app and look at the map. Anonymity is protected throughout the process and the data is encrypted so as not to infringe on your privacy. This system is very energy efficient and data efficient so there is no need to worry about it ”. Apple explains on its site.

The AirTax has a U1 chip, as well as an integrated speaker, and supports Sree. Features that make their location easier. Apple insists that users’ privacy will be protected, no doubt monitoring them.

American company announces one year battery life and user-replaceable battery. Gadget water and dust resistant.

Available for pre-order from April 23, Airtex will be on sale from April 30. It takes 35 and 115 takes for a tracker and a pack of 4 airtacks. As in the case of Airboats, Apple offers to customize its airtights with carvings. The company at Apple offers several accessories to attach the tracker.

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