Works on the latest version of Touch ID under the Apple screen

Works on the latest version of Touch ID under the Apple screen

The new Touch ID may incorporate a new light reflection system to improve its security.

Several components suggest that Cupertino may soon reintroduce Touch ID in a modernized version. The question really is whether the iPhone 13 embeds a fingerprint reader under the screen, a feature that many Android smartphones have been offering for a long time already. But if Apple takes its time to emulate this technology, the US company is already contemplating the next version of Touch ID under the screen.

A new patent Apple invented Tense apple This means that its teams are already operating under the screen in the new version of the fingerprint reader, which is very secure. In its patent, the American company actually recalls the function of sub-screen optical fingerprint readers and explains the lack of reliability for most systems at the moment, especially due to the variability of light.

To deal with this problem, Apple has developed a new system that allows. ” Capture finger off-axis angle light by inserting angle-based filtering options between display and sensor “In other words, the company at Apple has developed a lighting system inside the fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen that allows all digital ridges and valleys to be fully illuminated, thus allowing for authentication.

It’s obviously a good thing to see Apple continue to fulfill the principle of the sub-screen optical fingerprint reader, and the fact suggests that a future product may be fitted with it. But it is difficult to know when this technology will appear on the iPhone. Currently, Apple is very content with Face ID, which is considered insurmountable by many, but the health crisis and the wearing of masks in general have certainly pushed Apple to reconsider its status and expedite the integration of Touch ID 2.0. Hard to say.

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