Capgemini and OVH together provide a sovereign cloud

OVH et Capgemini s

OVHcloud and Capgemini announce this Tuesday, February 16th, the signing of a global agreement to implement a sovereign cloud solution. The agreement is part of the European Alliance for European Data on Industrial Data and the Commonwealth. Combining the experience of OVH servers and Capcomini’s data security, it is clear that the two French companies are joining forces to provide a sovereign cloud solution. They will provide services available from anywhere in the world through cloud computing, “a public, private and hybrid cloud, secure from end to end,” the statement from both companies said. The aim is to improve the quality of Kia-X’s European Sovereign Cloud program.

Protect personal data

Establishing a European sovereign cloud responds to France’s desire to protect its public data and prevent it from being hosted outside Europe on servers owned by companies subject to US law. Last year, data from the Health Data Hub, in other words, handed over the health information of 67 million French people to an American company. CNIL reveals huge reservation for sending such data to an obligated company

Provide them to U.S. authorities if requested.

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More gray areas

Setting up the European Sovereign Cloud Plan may seem like a good alternative. But companies, whether French, European or American, are subject to the defiance of US law if they use the dollar or are established in the United States. Data protection requires an efficient encryption system. But OVHCloud and Capgemini do not provide information about the encryption method used. If this is a US organization, there is no guarantee that there will be no way for foreign officials to access the data. Finally, a company may be French or European in 2021, but there is no guarantee that it will stay that way. Alstom, which particularly manufactured turbines for the military, came under US control.

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