“Intelligence” is the first flight of a robotic helicopter

"Intelligence" is the first flight of a robotic helicopter

The important race was won and the boundaries were opened for a promising space exploration. The scientific community has seen astonishing growth on Mars, which will fall into history. The long-awaited first flight of the robot helicopter, IngenuityPerseverance, compiled continuously on the NASA rover, successfully completed the first test flight on Monday, this historic moment was released on video.

Includes NASA Intelligence Helicopter First Video, Takeoff and Landing (High-Res) on the Plane

Small helicopter, Just 1.8 kg ςαςpalas softopol And was the first flying vehicle in history to reach a 90-second controlled flight over the surface of Mars at a cost of $ 85 million.

The big question for ingenuity is whether Mars can withstand 96% carbon dioxide.

Despite the misery of the Red Planet, such as extremely cold temperatures and scattered atmospheres, this little drone has shown resilience, turning its creators into white faces in California, where NASA’s JBL Laboratory is located.

Data show that the ingenuity climbed to a maximum height of 10 feet (3 m) and maintained a constant oscillation for 30 seconds. After recording the plane for a total of 39.1 seconds, it touched down and landed on the surface of Mars.

This historic flight was a difficult task for NASA’s robotic helicopter because it is a technology that has never been tested, and at this time the flight conditions on Mars are very different from Earth. The first data from the plane will start coming to Earth three hours later.

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