American scientist strikes alarm: black hole orbits Earth

US учен бие тревога: Черна дупка поглъща Земята - 0

The expert believes that there are many such objects in space, so that each of them sooner or later reaches us and “eat us for breakfast”.

New York, USA
01 Feb 2021, 20:02
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Mytho Kaku, a famous physicist-theorist and professor at New York City College, believes that although our planet is not very close to the miraculous black hole in the center of the Milky Way, we could fall prey to any other large space object. Catch the nearby and the earth in its gravitational field. This has been reported by world publications.

Modern science is not yet sure what black holes are. They are not easy to detect, so astronomers calculate them by changing the behavior of nearby objects.

Scientists also know that black holes have such a powerful gravitational force.

Black holes have different masses and sizes. It is believed that some of them are born the moment a big star dies. For example, our sun is not threatened by this perspective, it is very small. All that awaits him at the end of his life cycle is that he will be transformed into a red giant.

The closest black hole to Earth is Sagittarius A *. It is located 26 thousand light years from us. Although there are no other blackbirds in the vicinity that threaten us, Michio warns the crow that this situation could change dramatically if any of them approached our solar system.

The expert believes that there are many such objects in space, so that each of them will sooner or later reach us and “eat us for breakfast”.

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