Important security features and features that appear in the new Chrome browser

خصائص أمان وميزات مهمة تظهر في متصفح Chrome الجديد
Important security features and features that appear in the new Chrome browser

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Google has announced the launch of the latest version of the Chrome browser, which includes technologies and features that make using the Internet more practical and secure.

One of the highlights of the new Chrome 90 version is the additional security features against NAT slipstreaming attacks, where the browser blocks connections via FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols known as digital “554” ports, as well as developers compatible with this version of the browser technologies. AV1 encryption that enhances data security during video calls.

Another key feature of the new version of Chrome is the ability to link to a piece of text, and with this feature anyone can send a direct link to another user, and this link links web pages that link him to a specific section or pre-defined phrase, i.e. the link recipient wants to guide him to any page. Can read, without reading the entire page containing the information.

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Additionally, in the latest version of Google Browser, users can rearrange the pages and tabs that are open in the search bar, or name these pages accordingly, and quickly access these bookmarks by clicking the “Alt + Tab” buttons.

The browser is also equipped with important features that reduce the consumption and traffic of web data for open pages that are not actively used during web use, which significantly reduces the pressure on the computer processors and contributes to the rationalization of battery power consumption.

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