CS Supports Ceasefire Mechanism – Mafric

CS Supports Ceasefire Mechanism - Mafric

Last Friday, the UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution calling on all foreign powers and mercenaries to leave Libya, giving the UN panel the green light to monitor the deal. The ceasefire was agreed in October 2020.

In a second referendum held in New York on Friday, April 16, 2021, the ambassadors unanimously approved a resolution to renew the activities related to illegal oil exports until July 30, 2022. The website reported.

Last year the UN. The Ceasefire Agreement was signed by the military representatives of the internationally recognized Libyan government’s National Convention (GNA) and the rival administration of the “Army. National Libya” (ANL) located in the east of the country. .

The agreement calls for the establishment of a follow-up mechanism for its implementation, and the UN Security Council on December 29. Details submitted by General Secretary Antonio Guterres are mentioned in the Board’s request.

Deployment of the Ceasefire Monitoring Committee

Last February, the Security Council called on Mr. A letter was sent to Guterres requesting that a preliminary committee be appointed in anticipation of the formation of a new team, Libya, Manuel, under the United Nations Support Program, to report on the report. Team work.

The report was submitted to the Council in March, the UN. The leader proposed last week to set up a platform for the UNSMIL Ceasefire Monitoring Committee, which will initially require a maximum of 60 people, according to details released in a press conference on Thursday 15 April in New York.

The audience “Once all the conditions for permanent existence are met, the course will be suspended in Sirte, including security, logistics, medical and operational features.”, Secretary-General’s Spokesman Stephen Dujarric, citing “UN information”.“In the meantime, a forward reserve will be established in Tripoli as soon as conditions allow.”.

He said UNSMIL observers will work with observers from the 5 + 5 Joint Military Commission.

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The resolution now endorses the Secretary-General’s ceasefire monitoring plan and states that the new Libyan electoral process requires constitutional and legislative support before the scheduled legislative and presidential elections on July 24, 2021.

The resolution emphasizes that the GNA-LNA Joint Military Commission should develop a comprehensive plan outlining how the ceasefire mechanism will be implemented and how UNSMIL can engage the audience.

Supervisory Mechanism Resolution 2570, “Emphasizes more strongly” States supporting the ceasefire agreement agreed in October, including withdrawal “Without delay”, According to the same source, in all foreign and mercenary forces in Libya.

Tujarik, who briefed reporters shortly before the vote results were released to the council, told the UN. “To help Libya’s political leaders”, It emphasizes “What we want to see is that all foreign fighters are leaving Libya.”.

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