“What if Kim Yoo-jiong comes to the Tokyo Olympics?” When asked, Prime Minister Suu Kyi replied

지난 18일 기자회견에서 답변하고 있는 스가 요시히데 일본 총리. [AP=연합뉴스]

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suu Kyi has announced that she is ready to hold talks with a top North Korean official who will visit Japan after the Tokyo Olympics.

“Respond if it helps the kidnapping problem”
“Unacceptable” to launch North Korean missiles
The North Korea issue was discussed at the US-Japan summit in April
“I invite Pita to the Olympics in July”

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Shuka responded at a news conference on the 18th. [AP=연합뉴스]

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Shuka responded at a news conference on the 18th. [AP=연합뉴스]

At the Council of Ministers’ budget meeting on the 26th, a question was asked to Prime Minister Suu Kyi, who took up the case of Labor Vice President Kim Jong-un, who is the brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Japan during the Tokyo Olympics. I think. I want to think about all the possibilities and respond to it, ”he said.

Earlier, during a visit to the National Assembly in November last year, Prime Minister Suu Kyi said that President Kim had visited Japan during the Tokyo Olympics and that “I think this is a good opportunity” to hold a summit between the North. Korea and Japan.

“I will refrain from responding to the family,” he said, adding that “resolving the issue of abduction is the most important task of our regime.”

He opened up the possibility of dialogue with North Korea, calling for “never tolerating” North Korea launching a ballistic missile on the 25th day of the start of the Tokyo Olympic torch. He said he would travel to the United States next month to hold a summit with US President Joe Biden to discuss cooperation between the two countries on North Korea’s policies, including ballistic missiles.

In this regard, North Korea’s nuclear and missile issues will be on the agenda of a summit between President Biden and Prime Minister Suu Kyi to be held in the United States next month, Yomuri Shimpan said on the 26th.

The day before the 26th, the North Korean Labor newspaper reported the successful completion of the missile test launch site. [사진=노동신문]

The day before the 26th, the North Korean Labor newspaper reported the successful completion of the missile test launch site. [사진=노동신문]

The US and Japanese governments have decided to release an official statement after the first face-to-face meetings of the two leaders next month, and a “two meetings based on the report adopted at the Diplomatic and Defense Ministers’ Meeting (2+)) was held in Japan on the 16th.” I got into editorial control.

In particular, it includes content confirming the application of the US-Japan Security Agreement in the Chengdu Islands (Chinese name Taiyu Island) and verifying China as a ‘free and open Indo-Pacific’ sense of solidarity. In addition, it is expected that cooperation between the two countries will be added to solve the problem of complete nuclearization of North Korea and the abduction of Japanese civilians.

“Korea-Japan relations need to be improved to resolve the North Korean issue,” Japanese media reported

On the other hand, the Japanese media has been rushing to publish editorials claiming that trilateral cooperation between the United States and Korea is important in North Korea’s policy towards North Korea with the firing of North Korea’s ballistic missile test. In an editorial on the 16th, Yomuri explained that North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile was “a routine ploy to gain concessions such as easing sanctions rather than responding to dialogue with the United States by raising the level of provocation.” Be prepared for military provocations.

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In an editorial on the 26th, Nippon Keizhai Shimpan (Nicky) assessed that the Biden regime has begun to rebuild tripartite cooperation between the two countries as a basis for expanding the structure of an alliance and ally in response to China and North Korea. . “It is not normal for the Korean ambassador to Japan, who was appointed last January, to meet with Foreign Minister Modeki Toshimitsu,” he said. “Japan and Korea need to accelerate the movement to improve relations.”

The Maine newspaper “North Korea cannot change the situation with missile provocations”, “Korea, the United States and Japan must work closely together so as not to overwhelm North Korea.”

President Biden, who will meet with Prime Minister Suu Kyi in April, is also expected to return to Japan to attend the July Olympics. When asked if President Pita could be invited to the Tokyo Olympics, Prime Minister Suu Kyi said on the 26th, “I definitely think I will do it.”

Tokyo = Reporter Lee Young-hee [email protected]

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