Business lawyer specializing in business cases in Florida

Business lawyer specializing in business cases in Florida

When South Florida The sunny sky and warm sea water is a great place to discover and are well known for being where we are One of the fraudulent capitals of the world. Those who first believe that they can buy or start a legitimate business often fall victim to scams and frauds where the business promised to them is not actually delivered to them. Some Companies Are sold with so-called “non-competitive category” products, according to which the seller does not compete for many years in the same geographical area. Business buyer, Thus the buyer can position themselves. Often these sellers go straight to business and put up Companies On behalf of others to avoid non-competitive clauses.

Another Classic South Florida business suit Is ” Business divorceThis is where making good sense partners comes into play Business, Then losing faith in each other, can no longer Manage business Together. Sometimes a partner or member may have taken money or property Company He would have thrown him to the ground for himself or by mismanagement.

Abused business owners should seek qualified lawyers with experience in business cases to recover from such scams.

I have successfully handled all the above scenes – and many more Many legal and general legal remedies For that Business owners Those who were Victims of fraud, breach of contract Or who should dissolve companies or LLCs that are no longer possible. In many cases, the legal fees paid for my services may be recovered from the non-dominant party for legal reasons of action or other means. In addition to serious frauds, I have also seen daily thefts Business Partners Or members against another member or partner. There is a Florida law Known to be particularly useful Florida Civil Theft Law, This allows victims to recover the so-called “three damages” cases, which is three times their original loss, legal fees and costs. The Abused business owners To consult Business Lawyers Qualification with experience In business cases Recovering from these scams and frauds, this is our unfortunate part Current business landscape in South Florida.

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Matre Paul McKenna, Florida Bar Attorney

Paul A. McKenna is a member of the multi-million dollar bar of lawyers – less than 1% of U.S. lawyers can claim this because you have to justify getting more than $ 2 million in verdicts. He specializes in business litigation in Florida and supports you in your legal practice in business law.

For 39 years. : Nothing is possible.

Are you looking for a business lawyer? Do you have a business dispute and want to hire a French-speaking lawyer in Florida? Florida bar lawyer Madre Paul McKenna helps you. Contact Master Paul McKenna.

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