NASA creates ‘ingenuity’ history to launch first red star flight era – new news

NASA creates 'ingenuity' history to launch first red star flight era - new news

NASA creates ‘ingenuity’ history to start the first red star flight era

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NASA makes ingenious history – April 19 The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration says NASA has created the first history of mankind’s flight in the atmosphere of planets other than Earth.

The success of ingenious helicopters marks the beginning of an era of extraterrestrial technology aerial exploration. The test took place on April 19 at 04.31 GMT Greenwich Mean Time (corresponding to 11.31 hours on the same day in Thailand time), guiding which materials NASA hopes to use as a new survey model.

The helicopter, which weighed 1.8 kilograms, lifted the Red Star about 3 meters above the surface in 40 seconds. Her mother, the Rover of Perseverance, was entrusted with the craft. The latest spinning wheel or rover 19kg with a budget of US $ 2.7 billion or more than 8.4 billion.

NASA makes ingenious history

Reuters / NASA

Ms. Mimi Ong, the ingenious manager, even brought up the mission failure report as she tore it between the applause and laughter of her colleagues. “Here we can say that mankind has previously used helicopters to fly to planets other than Earth.”

NASA makes ingenious history


He added, “We talked about making aviation history like the Wright brothers on Mars. Behold, you all. ”Said a female scientist of Myanmar descent with a smile and joy.

NASA makes ingenious history


The ingenious objective is to demonstrate the technology that makes it possible for a $ 85 million helicopter drone, or about 2.6 billion baht, to fly in the Red Star’s atmosphere. This is the biggest engineering challenge.

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This is because Mars’ atmosphere is about 1% denser than Earth’s. At sea level this means there is not much air to lift the helicopter blades. This is a big issue despite the fact that Mars’ gravity helps more than Earth. (Equal to only 38% of global gravity)

NASA makes ingenious history


NASA plans to fly the helicopter at least four times over the surface of the Red Star within 1 month of the next flight test mission.

The test will fly higher and higher. Determined not to exceed 5 meters and tested to fly horizontally for a distance not exceeding 50 meters if everything goes well. NASA plans to try to fly more and more buzz and fight scenes with the necessary materials.

NASA makes ingenious history

Ingenuity (left) Perseverance (right) – NASA

“If you look back at history when the Wright brothers first proved to fly. After a while, they went back to work finding. This ingenious departure is comparable to that demonstration. Congratulations to all and celebrate each other hard, we are going back to work, ”Ang said.

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