In Jordan, an attempt at instability backed by Israel and Saudi Arabia

In Jordan, an attempt at instability backed by Israel and Saudi Arabia

In fact there was a conspiracy against the King of Jordan, explains Middle Eastern eye. But Prince Hamza, who was placed under house arrest on April 3, is said to be a rope in a complex regional game involving Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Had it not been for Washington’s support, King Abdullah would have had serious problems, The site’s author, David Hearst, writes Middle Eastern eye. In an analytical article, he returns to the crisis that came to light on April 3, when the king’s half-brother Hamza was placed under house arrest and accused of plotting with twenty key figures in the country’s political career. .

According to this expert in the Middle East, these allegations are well-established and true, if not a conspiracy, at least an attempt to destabilize a radical corporate monarchy. This would not have included Prince Hamza and a few men from Cherokee in Jordan: King Abdullah would have actually been targeted “A double attack on Saudi Arabia and Israel”, According to Hearst, this was prevented by the intervention of the White House.

The US president has credited Jordanian intelligence reports that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been implicated in the plot. Biden cut plans, and he was right. ”

The origin of the defects

But why is there a king for Mohammed Ben Salman (MBS) and Benjamin Netanyahu


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