Attack Charges: Aaron Donald Destroyed | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Attack Charges: Aaron Donald Destroyed |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Aaron Donald never hit anyone. Even if it is reversed.

On Saturday, Divincent Sprix’s lawyer, who accused the Rams of assaulting the player, told KDKA that his client had misunderstood those who attacked Donald. The lawyer apologized to his client, Donald.

A few hours ago, CCTV footage showed Donald even trying to defend Sprix, who had been severely beaten.

Why? According to Donald’s lawyer Casey White, it was Sprix who hit Donald with a bottle. The player was able to deceive, but his friends attacked Sprix to attack him. Donald would have withdrawn his attack from the hook.

“Aaron saved Mr. Sprix from a very serious injury,” White told Brian Patco. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “This is fantastic. From a defense lawyer’s point of view, it’s fantastic to be honest about this whole thing.”

It all started with a drunken spree.

According to Hollis, Donald felt someone’s elbow on his back while at the party. After thinking it was a friend, he returned.

“This is Mr. Sprix,” the lawyer explains. “Then Aaron asks what’s going on, and Mr. Sprix begins to shout aggressively, ‘Did I do it on purpose? Did I do it on purpose? He said it over and over again. I did not understand but he kept screaming.

Sprix would have asked to leave later. After a while Donald and his friends ran up to him. This is where the whole incident is said to have taken place.

So the incredible story ends with forgiveness.

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