We already know about the big comeback of Harrison Ford

We already know about the big comeback of Harrison Ford

Indiana Jones5 Is clearly starting to change. The next adventure of the famous Dr. Jones who came with generations of viewers on cinema, K7 and DVD has actually appointed a new heroine.

As the American media mentions Deadline, Actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge Many awards for his performance in Flyback, Got the female lead role in Indiana Jones5. Deadline Production of the film is set to begin in the summer of 2021 for a theatrical release In July 2022. On April 15, very informative Deadline Announced that Mates Mickelson (Hannibal) Joins the image in an unspecified role. So it is important to be patient before finding out Indiana Jones5 Fans have been hearing since 2015.

The fifth episode of the franchise, the film will feature a new director for the first time in 3 decades of its history. In fact, Steven Spielberg quit producing this film last February to send the whip of “Indy” A new generation And give the owner a new look. However, he is the producer of the film.

Directed by James Mangold

So it is James Mangold (Logan, Walk the Line, Le Mans66) Who will be chosen to replace Steven Spielberg. Details about the summary have not yet been released. “We are really close Indiana Jones 5, We are on the doorstep, We fix some things in the script of the shooting schedule, but it is progressing We will do this number 5 very soon, ”the actor explained to RDL in February 2020. Deadline John Williams, who previously worked with Steven Spielberg, makes that clear Indiana Jones And See Jurassick, will compose music for this fifth film.

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Harrison Ford is ready to reconsider his role

“Harrison Ford will return to continue the journey of its iconic character,” Disney revealed at its annual conference on December 10. A few minutes later, a tweet came in to confirm the information. “Lucasfilm is in pre-production for the next installmentIndiana Jones “.

In 2013, the 78-year-old actor said Daily Telegraph It seemed to him “Absolutely fit” to return as Indiana Jones. “For me, the interesting thing about that character is that he won, he had the courage, he had the intelligence, he had the intelligence, he was scared, he was still able to survive. I can do this“, He later announced.

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