See what leaks Vat Leaks, a website that tests the performance of our VPN and whether it allows data to leak from our link

See what leaks Vat Leaks, a website that tests the performance of our VPN and whether it allows data to leak from our link

Today, many internet users give More emphasis on protecting your privacy, So they turn to tools capable of protecting it, Like-example-VPNs, Efficient services Tunnel all traffic Between our device and servers.

This capability of VPNs (abbreviated as ‘virtual private network’) allows them not only in theory but also Make our online communications anonymous, But prevent third parties from blocking them. That’s why they are an important tool when connecting Public WiFi networks.

However, Not all VPNs are equally effective … sometimes they are vulnerable to ‘leaks’ During our browsing sessions, some of our personal data may be leaked.

Fortunately, there are tools that allow us to analyze the performance of our VPNs (and web proxies and the like) in protecting our privacy. Today we are going to analyze one of them, ‘What leaks?’ (‘What is filtered?‘).

Let’s see what the leak is …

That’s what it gives us That is, by entering it, it will show us All the data you can extract about us from our link and our browser.

For example, This will show you from which IP we are connecting (If it belongs to the blacklist of IPs), and It will be geolocated With remarkable accuracy.

Equally It will show us if we connect through a proxy or TOR network, Whether we have JavaScript enabled or not, from which version of the browser and operating system we connect, and what ports are open.

As you can see in the screenshots before and after using the VPN service, the data varies considerably:

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Before activating the VPN.


After activating the VPN.


This is the feature that shows the test when connecting with the bold browser after the door connection: only the wrong geolocation and our browser is in Spanish.

For some reason, my original IP is ‘blacklisted’ for mass spamming, and the web will find out where I connect from. In the following screenshot, WhatLeaks shows that my IP (and, with it, geolocation option) is hidden and VPN enabled …

… but now, it shows how Open many ports that were not there before Activating VPN (!!).

Ann Another section On its website, WaterLeaks offers some suggestions on what to look for when selecting a VPN service.After all, never resort to free VPNs, Make sure you do not have a record of our activities).

Additionally, it recommends two VPN services (displayed as ‘partners’ of the web, which allow the neutrality of the recommendation to be called into question) and Suggests against another seven, One of them was accidentally used in this experiment.

படம் | Based on the original from J. Tripke & FreePNG

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