Rick and Morty Introduce New PlayStation 5 Advertising

Rick and Morty Introduce New PlayStation 5 Advertising

Adult Swimming and Sony have teamed up for a new PlayStation 5 promotional featuregrick and Morty. Over the past few years fans have featured Rick and Morty in several promotional campaigns for the past few years with the latest game of Pringles, Wendy’s and Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding. When Rick and Morty Has taken footage of how fans’ favorite adult swim animation series has changed over the years, which is even more fun Rick and Morty Take this cynical approach to ads like the latest ad for PlayStation 5.

The new ad (you can see in the video above from the official YouTube page of Adult Swimming) sees Morty describing various features of Sony’s next-generation console, while Rick counts the number of dollar bills behind them. As usual, the two are open about how they were “paid” for the promotion, and that makes for a hilarious turn in regular ads like this.

It’s great to see new advertising items like this named label, Rick and Morty Fans are still eagerly waiting for the fifth season of the series. Although the release date for Season 5 of the series has not yet been determined (which is further complicated by the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic), the cast and crew behind the series have already mentioned how much work has been done for the next season.

Dan Harmon, co-creator during the special live Rick and Morty panel during the Virtual Adult Swimming Festival from the beginning of this month, is currently working on the sixth and seventh seasons. Fans have been adjusting to the long wait between each new season of the series, but this is increasing as the behind-the-scenes work grows faster, which has been updated for a bigger episode. Focusing on the series in recent adult swimwear commercials, the premiere of the fifth season will be a big one.

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What did you think Rick and MortyNew ad for PlayStation 5? Where does this feature in the ads we’ve seen with the two of us so far? What did you think about the fourth season of the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can contact me directly about animation and other awesome things Twitter Valdeology on Twitter!

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