Unusually complete pictures of Jupiter!

Unusually complete pictures of Jupiter!
These images, which were published on the U.S. National Astronomical Observatory website capturing 3 spectral bands simultaneously – infrared, visible and ultraviolet light, on January 11, 2017, allowed scientists to compare and follow new, invisible details at different wavelengths. Previously about the planet’s atmosphere.

Multi-spectral images allow astronomers to obtain information that they would not otherwise be able to obtain. For example, visible light allows to identify the surface of Jupiter, but it does not allow to determine the thickness of the clouds. In infrared radiation, bright bands are available that represent thin cloud layers, which allow for better discharge of thermal energy from the planet. With respect to ultraviolet rays, it allows scientists to follow the rise and diffusion of minutes in the planet’s atmosphere, for example, the upper layers appear red as a result of absorbing ultraviolet light, while violet light reflects the blue light at small altitudes.

By observing the large, bright red dot in visible and ultraviolet light, it became clear to scientists that it had disappeared in infrared light, and that its tiny oval was not visible in the infrared image. In contrast, cloud lines rotating in opposite directions are clearly visible in all three images.

According to the scientists, the reason for this discrepancy is that different structures are detected at different wavelengths: infrared tracking showed areas covered by dense clouds, while visible and ultraviolet tracking showed areas of accumulation of chromophores – absorbing molecules blue and ultraviolet, ஞ்சு .

A report from the U.S. National Astronomical Observatory indicates that this follow-up provides a beautiful orbit around Mars, and gives us visuals of its atmosphere, where each wavelength examines different layers of clouds and fog minutes. “

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