Private surveillance companies will share security cameras with Bogot police

Private surveillance companies will share security cameras with Bogot police

Due to the increase in crime, the district has signed an agreement with private security agencies that will allow Bogotவின்’s Metropolitan Police to obtain the support of security cameras operated by these companies. This was announced by Miguel Engel Thias, President of the National Confederation of Confederate Trade Unions This is the first agreement in the country between the Defense Secretariat and the Monitoring Department as part of the fight against crime.

“We reaffirm our commitment to the protection of civilians from Confederation, a project we have raised for a long time, and even last year, during the International Security Congress, we re-socialized it with the capital’s Secretary of Defense, Dr. Hugo Acero, a fact today,” he said.

He added, “In companies of 100 federations Antisec and Sepcol The police chose to share cameras with the command, control, communications and computer center known as C4, which is designed to coordinate security and surveillance operations in the event of an incident.”.

“As far as our union is concerned it is a great pleasure to share with the police the significant progress, information, resources and technology on security matters. Bogota is qualified to improve security. We use all the technical resources we have for the benefit of the people of Bogota,” said Miguel Engel Thias.

From Confucius, they recalled it The offer they made to the mayor’s office to provide bicycle lanes and cycle path surveillance services with drones is in effect, to combat bicycles and other crimes, and to provide conclusive evidence when locating criminals involved in other crimes.

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