Spellbreak’s first seasonal update on October 22nd with new skills, methods and Halloween content releases

Spellbreak's first seasonal update on October 22nd with new skills, methods and Halloween content releases

Spellbreak receives its first seasonal update on October 22nd. Everything added according to the developer proletariat is here.

The latest update to Spellbreak is as follows:

  • New Content – Introduction: Collecting Storm is free for all players and includes weekly searches with unique rewards
  • Introduces 9v9 Team Deathmatch – Conflict Mode with 3 teams on each team
  • New Talents – Enable players to further customize their playlist
    • Malignancy: Bonus Health
    • Contrast: Enables passive class capability in your offhand manual
    • Vision: Reveals your players on a nearby minimap and shows future shrines / circles
  • Halloween Content – New Clothes, Artifacts, Cloud Bursts, After Close, Emotes and Badges! “Empty Eve!”

It’s a lot of exciting new content and will definitely add a lot of variety to Spellbreak’s current game. Conflict mode looks attractive and gives you more opportunities to play with friends.

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If nothing else, games are fun when celebrating real life events like holidays. We hope these festive outfits and emotions will catch your eye and help you enjoy this scary time of the year better. Check out when the new seasonal update is released on October 22nd.

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