MLP: Summary of America’s Tournament with the Dowel of Race-Yankees

MLP: Summary of America's Tournament with the Dowel of Race-Yankees

The road was a turning point, but Tyler Glasno was able to lead the Tampa Bay Rays 6-3 against the New York Yankees on Saturday.

The Race Starter conceded only one run in five innings, but he had to work hard to limit the Yankees hitters to this meager harvest.

Glasgow needed 30 shots to close the opening set, and left the field for the pitch as the goals were packed. He needed 24 shots in the second inning to record the required three outs.

Glasno specifically allowed three walks for the Yankees’ first eight hitters. He then returned to the third and fourth sets without admitting anything to his rivals.

On the attacking side, Glasgow took the lead using two points from Francisco Mejia’s solo round and Manuel Marcot.

At the Yankees Mountain, Jordan Montgomery gave the Mount four runs in two wins in his six innings. In this series the rays will attempt to pass through the interpretation on Sunday.

The game against the Los Angeles Angels duo against the Minnesota Twins has been postponed due to contact with COVID-19. The clash, which was scheduled to take place on Sunday, has since been postponed to a later date.

Elsewhere in the United States

White Socks 4 – Red Socks 7
CWS: Jose Afrio made one run and had two wins
Bose: Kick Hernandez finished with four wins

Tigers 0 – Athletes7
DET: Casey Mice allowed five runs in 5 innings
Oak: Cole Irwin limited the Tigers to four wins in 6 innings

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Pirates 1 – Brewers7
PIT: Trevor Cahill gave up seven runs in four innings
Mill: Christian Yelich found his name on the injured list

Orioles 6 – Rangers 1
Paul: Michael Franco made two runs with a home run and finished with three wins
Text: Brett de Cues allowed three runs in the first and third innings

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