Explicit tensions between Luca Doncic and Christophe Porchisis?

La filouterie de Porzingis et Doncic pour flouer les adversaires

At the start of the season, some experts saw Luca Doncic and Christophe Porchisis as one of the best doubles in the league! But it is clear that mayonnaise did not pick up as expected in Texas. According to an American site, this may be due to tension between the two players. Some scenes are also worrying.

Mavericks season is beautiful … disappointing. On paper, the situation doesn’t have to be catastrophic because Rick Carlisle’s men have recorded 30 wins out of 25 defeats and they are currently 7th in the Western Conference. But just like that, they have to be in plays, This is far from pleasing to superstar Luca Dansik.

That’s where the bottom hurts. The team had to turn a corner, and Dallas finds itself in a situation similar to last season, which is a sign that the long-awaited improvement has not taken place. Also, the American site Clutch points It seems that there will be tensions between the Slovenian leader and his ally Christophe Porcis. 3 “Evidence” presented by journalist Griel Ibrola, which had a “zinger” reaction to Luca’s illusory buzzer-peter.

As everyone rushes to Luca Danzig, after a shot like this, Christophe Porchisis is content to raise his finger to the sky, before quietly returning to his bench, without even bothering to greet his partner. He may have been disappointed not to have taken the shot even though it was open… yet, the pictures may actually be questionable. Also, even in the interview, the interior didn’t seem very comfortable with the intention of provoking his teammate.

Christophe Porchisis : We try to play together and help each other. We want to win. In the end, we all want to win here, that’s all. We need to constantly play together and help each other.

Tim McMahon: Journalist Brad Townsend asked a particular question about the lack of connection between the two elements of Maverick. Porchisis did not really respond to that.

Not in tensions or mavericks, both are not at the expected level yet! If there is a new early exit in the playoffs we will have to ask ourselves some real questions in the offices!

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