Software update for Galaxy smartphones: Samsung releases an important Android patch

Software update for Galaxy smartphones: Samsung releases an important Android patch
As part of its monthly connectivity plan, Google has also released a security update for Android on the previous Android, which closes many security gaps discovered in the previous month – see information about this Directly on google. Samsung is also catching up on monthly updates and adapting for their own Galaxy smartphones.

Updates usually appear first on the best models, but many older devices still receive patches.

With the April update, many security breaches in the Android operating system will be removed, Six of them are classified as important and 37 as high. Detailed content of the April Patch can be found here Samsung website.
Samsung is now offering the update for the first time Smartphone models Ready to download. In the S series, the update has been reached so far Galaxy S21 and S20 smartphones, The S10 series and Galaxy S9 series. The Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold As well as Galaxy Note 20-, Note 10-, Note 9 and Note 8 series Already got a new connection. Additionally, the update will be available on the Galaxy A71, F6, A52G, A51, A52 and Tape S6. Distributed among others Sammobile Announced. More Galaxy models will follow soon; A list of all the phones that are likely to get connected can be found in the further course of the text.

To ensure that your device is protected from security breaches, you should install the provided updates as soon as possible. Installation usually takes place over the air, i.e. without the smartphone being connected to the computer. Relevant note informs users about the availability of security updates. Alternatively, you can manually check the system settings for any updates. Keep in mind that updates often run on multiple waves and are available at different speeds from country to country – so updates are only available to you later. Additionally, you can download the update via WLAN if you can save the amount of data, as updates typically contain several hundred Mbytes.

To avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary security risks, it makes sense to install them as soon as available security updates appear. These updates generally do not include new functions – but there are exceptions. With last year’s security update, Samsung has donated some of the new camera functionality to one of its flagship smartphones. Integrated QR code scanner.

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