Risk of Pollution of Large Lakes: Canada-US Dispute

Oléoduc pétrole Grands Lacs Michigan Enbridge

In this regard, in 2017, there was Enbridge The accused By Mackinac County for throwing 1.1 million gallons in the last 50 years.

Professor Mafi continues, “Everything that goes through the pipe is lighter crude oil. If a leak occurs, it will float to the surface. As the currents in the aquifer are strong, the leak may go into larger lakes. ”

Enridge Great Lakes Michigan Oil Pipeline
McKinnac waterfall seen from the sky. Photo: MojoWorker, Wikimedia Commons

Oil spill for hundreds of kilometers

“By the time the oil hits the surface, as the light oil floats, there will be a massive scattering of oil as it comes out. The leak could extend up to a hundred kilometers in a single day,” explains a Queen’s University professor.

A Independent study Conducted in September 2018 by Michigan University of Technology, Good Weather Simulation states, “16,991.2 barrels of oil were recovered after five days with equipment available; However, there were 12,963.3 barrels of water in the evaporator. ”

“The effectiveness of rescue operations, even in good weather, decreases with the gentle density of the oil, which is why the amount of oil recovered per hour decreases after simulation. Therefore, as the leak progresses and the thickness of the oil decreases, the efficiency of the recovery decreases,” the study added.

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