[Fiches Draft] Joe Tryon (Edge), Soldier | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Fiches Draft] Joe Tryon (Edge), Soldier |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Joe Tryon – Edge Rusher – 21 Answer – Jr. – Washington

Cut: 1 m 96

Weight: 119 kg

Draft rated status: 2nd round

NFL Comparison: To Darius Smith

Points forts

– The first step to exploding
– Speed ​​of movement and fluid
– Good doctor

Focus on the physical event! Becoming popular in Washington in 2019, Joe Tryon did not take long to prove himself on campus in Seattle. With 12 and a half challenges and eight excuses for the loss, he was the statistical leader in the league. ‘Rather popular defense is nationally huskies. He thanked her for taking such a devastating first step that she could quickly put this seal on a particular priority. Its active and slender profile allows it to be active and dangerous while at the same time reacting thanks to the actual fluidity of the movement. Once his goal is identified and bent, Tryon acts diligently and avoids the hassle of ending actions.

Weak points

– Power
– Panoply of movements
– Vision of the game

By itself, No. 9 presents a complete and hybrid profile that attracts a large audience. By 2020, with Govt retreating, some of the original features of his game could not be confirmed by the interested side.His power is relative and tends to serve him when his direct opponent starts contact. His moves in particular, though made up of effective attacks, were not very different. Another problem: the player’s excess of enthusiasm is undoubtedly linked to his more limited experience (14 matches as holder). Paradoxically, Tryon brings a versatility that may surprise the latter quarterback, but his attacking lines still seem predictable and unruly. This data can be a problem especially at run stop.

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Possible locations

Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams

By “ignoring” the 2020 season, Joe Tryon has undoubtedly drawn a line about the possibility of being drafted in the first round. Because, despite an innate talent and athletic qualities, the Washington line-up that will follow him closely still has size and a certain technical background, while other profiles in that position are starting to get even more so. Defender, however, remains an intriguing project, no doubt due to its scope and explosiveness that will end up in the 3-4 system, but it is not surprising to wait at least a year to see its full potential. NFL

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