When will the cold and frost end?

When will the cold and frost end?

By Cyril DuchessMeteorologist

This week, France meets the second generation of cold winds from northern Europe. It is less powerful than last week, but the temperature will be 3 to 5 C lower during the season. Can we trust that we will regain a certain softness in the days to come?

This week continues to be refreshing

This week, under the influence of the coldest northeast current coming from northern Europe, the weather changes from one day to the next. Morning frosts occur frequently in two-thirds of the country because the nights are mostly clear skies and a breeze weakens at night. After weak morning frosts (0 to -3 ° C), but sometimes particularly marked with -5 ° C in the center, sunlight allows the sun to rise in temperature, but small north-easter winds often intensify and clouds form in the afternoon. The bottom of the air is either cold or chilly, and the chili feels in a large northern half with temperatures not exceeding 11 to 13 degrees Celsius, internally 15 மைய C center-west. From the southwest to the Mediterranean, frosts are reported to be a little more localized on land, and the afternoon sun brings more mildness, with temperatures typically reaching 15 to 18 ° C.

This weekend: Slight rise in temperature, felt very pleasant in the west

On Saturdays and Sundays, an anticyclone approach in the northwest of the country will favor windfall in the west. The air mass is less cold, the humidity is less important, so the air mass heats up faster under these conditions). Thus, the freshness of the morning will be lessened by frosts, which guarantees that it will be rare outside of the usual cold sections (rare valleys and sandy soils …). In the afternoon, the temperature rises to 1 to 3 C and approaches seasonal conditions even if a slight heat deficit persists. With strong sunlight and almost no wind in the western part of the country, the feeling in the sun becomes so sweet … take advantage of it!

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Sweet early next week

Seasonal temperatures for this third week of April will gradually return with a gradual warming of the air mass at the beginning of next week. There is no extreme temperature, but in the second half of April the afternoon temperature should be 15 to 18 ° C in the north and 16 to 22 C in the south.

Will this return of tenderness be sustainable?

We talked to you yesterday about the evolution of temperature, the most limited reliability for the second half of the week. A certain refreshing return in the North-Easter flow predicted that some models would establish a high pressure system over the British Isles. To date, there is a risk of refreshment in the middle of the week, but this will be limited in space and time. In fact, depending on the correct position of the British high pressure system, the north-northeast flow will be more or less marked, which will have a direct impact on the temperature level. To date, as more pressure is gradually moving towards Central Europe, the trend is to maintain mildness and its accent next weekend. We will go directly to a southeast port flow. So this trend of maintaining tenderness seems very reliable, but as the minority models differ it is necessary to monitor their evolution over the next few days.

What we can say in any case is that the months of April are not the same from one year to the next. April 2020 was particularly hot, ranking 3rd among the hottest months of April in France since 1900. April 2021 will end this month with a negative heat balance.

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