How to respond automatically to messages while driving?

How to respond automatically to messages while driving?

Via Share Can be in touch 24 hours a day easily and quickly. However, we should not use or use it as much as we would like Phone.

An example of this when getting some News When driving a car, users may put themselves at risk by not responding and not paying attention while driving.

However, there is a trick, lesser known, that allows you to automatically respond to messages and contacts you want. Share, It may help you in these situations.

With this trick you can automatically respond to messages on WhatsApp without being distracted while driving.

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How to use this feature in WhatsApp?

To automatically configure the response to WhatsApp messages, you need to download an external application called WhatsApp.

This application is very secure and easy to download from the App Store, all you need to do is authorize some access permissions.

Once this is done you can install automatic replies on any contact or chat.

Additionally, this app can manage responses and configure customized answers for each conversation or send to all your chats.

Note that this function does not stop chat notifications from appearing on the screen of your mobile device.

To disable them, you need to do it from your cell phone’s settings to avoid wanting to respond if you want.

With this trick you can drive quietly and focus on your path.

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