Scientists want to fish for uranium in the world’s oceans, which can already be done profitably

Scientists want to fish for uranium in the world's oceans, which can already be done profitably

Nuclear power is needed. It is clean because nuclear power plants do not emit CO2, Powerful and relatively inexpensive. However, the uranium resources currently in use may also be reduced. Or most uranium ore exporting countries could start handling this fuel. But scientists already have the answer: we can extract uranium from water.

Scientists want to fish for uranium in the world's oceans, which can already be done profitably
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80% of uranium resources are concentrated in 8 countries. Not all of them are friendly to us. Not all of those resources can be easily carried away. Thus, many countries have not been able to take advantage of these opportunities. But there is a lot of uranium in the oceans. In fact, scientists estimate that the world’s oceans contain 1,000 times more uranium than land. How to take it?

In a new study, researchers described polymeric peptide hydrogeal, which may emit uranium from seawater. It is also good for resisting marine life – such uranium traps do not grow as well as polyps or other organisms. Scientists say that enough hydrogen could be extracted from the water.

In 2018, scientists Tested a similar system And collected 5 g of yellow uranium powder. New hydrogel can do this even more effectively. The uranium concentration in the oceans is very low, but scientists believe they can develop facilities to effectively capture uranium suitable for power plants. The materials used to make that hydrogel will be numerous, so the process will be completely clean.

The European Union is preparing to invest in nuclear power plants on green energy. Scientists often agree with that. Nuclear power plants can be completely clean. People fear for safety, but accidents are very rare. In addition, modern technology makes power plants more secure. Sure, solar and wind power have their advantages, but that electricity is much more expensive. Nuclear power offers cheap and environmentally friendly energy. Especially if the fuel can catch fish in the oceans.

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