Apple Car: LG can be responsible for the production of the electric vehicle

Apple Car: LG can be responsible for the production of the electric vehicle

LG and Apple are said to be close to finalizing a deal.

If the Apple car file has been too low lately, Apple’s electric car project is still on track. Also, according to the latest information Korea Times, Apple is in the process of signing a major deal with the LG Magna e-Powertrain, a joint venture between LG and Magna, which specializes in automotive devices.

Apple will be the main customer of this new joint venture, but the Apple car will actually be a specific project for Cupertino. Apple is rumored to be working with an automaker as part of the federation, but now it seems more plausible that the US company will build its own full-size vehicle. Apple’s partners will only play a simple role in the Apple car supply chain, such as Foxconn for the iPhone.

LG and Magna can supply many parts to Apple, including batteries and motors. Details of the deal between the various companies are said to be still being negotiated, but an agreement is said to be close.

It is rumored that Apple may release its first electric vehicle before 2024 if all goes well. Cupertino has been working on Project Titan for many, many years – the code name for the electric car project. For a while there was the question of a partnership Kia and Hyundai, But the latter ultimately failed. Tim Cook recently mentioned The possibility of an Apple car During an interview.

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