After Larsa Bipon, Malik Beasley hits another star hard!

Malik Beasley a jé son dévolu sur la rappeuse Coi Leray

Malik Beasley’s personal life is not over … Then The most popular adventure with Larsa Pippon at the start of the season is that the Timber Wolves player has his vision on another star, much younger this time around. This is a well known rapper!

Malik Beasley is all set to explode with Timber Wolves this season, but it’s another thing he’s finally exploded with: his personal life… newly married and the father of a family, who found himself in the back very hearty 22 – year – old Advertising an additional wedding story with his older brother Larsa Pippon. An affair that went so far as to react to the son of the latter !

But after some turmoil, Including imprisonment for the player, This love is over… Quickly advancing scorer is not enough to depress. On his Twitter account, he clearly started an enchanting move with a famous rapper! Only one step from flirting to heavy, Malik Beasley is ready to take without any problems …

What do you want for your birthday coyote?

I have to tell her no before I give up.

After Larsa Bipon, Malik Beasley has set his sights on rising star Koi Lerre in the rap world, and he will not stop making progress until he gets a clear answer, whether positive or negative! He is obviously ready to pick up the check book to impress her! One thing is for sure, Beasley doesn’t really have a woman’s style because her latest success and her “attraction” are nothing in general …

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Malik Beasley obviously loves celebrities வேண்டும் should see if his shot is taken Seriously Coming back on Twitter? Chances are, but nothing for anyone trying anything. It’s also the mood of a scorer.

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