Telegraph takes this move after failed token sales and the B1 billion bond offer

Telegraph takes this move after failed token sales and the B1 billion bond offer

Encrypted messaging application Telegraph He is reported to want to go public. The Russian news agency Vedomosti reported on April 11, citing anonymous sources involved in the operation.

Lack of net income flow

Telegram, which makes sales of user data and advertising space flexible, has long been plagued by a lack of clear revenue. Troy, along with his brother Nikola, first earned his fortune on the Russian social media site V.Kontaktay.

The Drove brothers used the money to produce a telegram designed to protest the Russian government’s extensive firewall and media censorship. The authorities did not love both of these developments. They eventually left Russia, but continued to work in the Telegram. However, money has become a permanent issue.

Token offer

TelegraphIts initial 7 1.7 billion token offer for gram tokens clashed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Commenting on the recent bond issue, Drow said, “The ultimate goal of Telegram is to become a financially sustainable project that can serve humanity for decades (or even centuries).

In December, Troy outlined some revenue-generating activities, focusing on the “advertising site” planned advertising on the Telegram channel, which “respects user-friendliness, privacy and allows to cover the costs of servers and transport”.

Telegram seems to be looking at the live list, which is an increasingly popular mechanism among technology companies for public investment, according to Vedomosti. Vedomosti report, if the telegram goes public S.E.C. He suggested that this could be done in Hong Kong instead of New York because of the history that was with him.

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