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Науковець знайшов на Марсі змій та жуків (фото)

It has become a priority for scientists to search for microbial life forms on Mars, whether they are living microbes or fossils. However, William Romoser, an entomologist at Ohio University, suggested that humanity had already achieved its goal: we were talking about giant beetles.

That’s about it In the article Scientist.

“Like the insects of the earth, there is an obvious diversity among the Martian fauna. The inhabitants of Mars can be taken to mean the most complex creatures – which are characterized by the presence of wings, the complex structure of the limbs and so on,” – writes Romoser in his article.

The scientist spent many years studying photos of the surface of the Red Planet taken by Rovers. He firmly believes that many of them reflect strange structures – they undoubtedly resemble insects – they are life and fossils. Also, some of the photographs, in his opinion, undoubtedly resemble snakes.

Let’s recall that in the NASA investigation “Strange stone” from the red planet. This rock may be part of a broken surface caused by a meteorite or collision.

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