Cutting trades! Key News: The Third Party Era in the United States with Trump

Cutting trades!  Key News: The Third Party Era in the United States with Trump

Will Trump violate all traditions?

The world has focused on the inauguration of Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, and especially the first news that Biden will deliver. The theme of Biden’s first speech was ‘Unity’. The Americans, on the other hand, are sending the 45th President Donald Trump, with whom they have lived a busy four years.

Trump went beyond tradition when he said goodbye to the White House. Contrary to all American traditions, he did not attend the inauguration, did not leave the White House until the last moment, and left Washington as president rather than a former president.

In his farewell address, Trump underlined the message that he would return. Prior to the news, it was reported in the American media that Trump would form a new party, dubbed the ‘Patriotic Party’.

With breathtaking election races in the United States taking place between Republicans and Democrats, can Trump take such action to disrupt bipartisan tradition?

Two Party Exchanges Sin 1860

There have been two major party traditions in the United States since the 1860s. Andrew Jackson was the first leader of the Democratic Party, founded in 1828. Abraham Lincoln was the first leader of the Republican Party, founded in 1854.

At other small parties; We see the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party and the Green Party. Even if these parties enter the presidential race, they will not be able to win a significant majority because the names of these parties are not in the Senate or House of Representatives. Why can’t we see these parties?

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Ban for small areas ‘first time to post’

The ‘first to post’, in other words, the ‘winner takes everything’ system used in electoral systems in the United States is difficult for smaller parties.

In short, more than 50 percent of the people who get the most votes win, according to the FPDP system, so that the smaller parties disappear. Because in this system, small parties get less seats than they need and big parties get more seats than they need.

In such a system, it pushes voters to give a tactical vote and creates a two-party system. According to many American political experts, the biggest obstacle for small parties is the FTPT system.

It feels like there is no other part of the two

It cannot be said that there is no party in the United States other than the Republicans or the Democrats, and there are many opposition organizations in the country. However, without direct formal and imaginative direction, the administration became a two-party regime.

The reasons that emerge from the electoral system and the operational traditions of the parties give the impression that there are no parties in the United States other than these two parties.

PARTİ VE TV கனாலி குர்சா …

We will come to Trump’s claims for a new party after examining the American system. There were rumors in the American media that Trump would set up a ‘patriotic’ party.

Given Trump’s power to influence the people, this is not an irrational act. It was also on charges that he would set up a television channel. If he supports the attempt to establish a party with such a TV channel, he can be an important supporter. In addition, after the censorship imposed by the social media companies, the desire to set up a television channel may have increased.

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On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that on January 6, Trump supporters lived in the capital, Washington. There are many behind the reality of ‘trumpism’, but it is questionable whether there will be enough formation to destroy this two-party system.


In this context, we may recall the Tea Party movement formed in 2009 against Democratic leader Obama. At the time, the American Time magazine wrote about the creation of the tea party, “The anti-government coalition shook American politics.” Even in the elections, many felt that they belonged to this formation, but there was no difference in the elections.

A predictable system has been developed in the United States with the established dual party system that has been in place for many years. If this is changed, it could have serious consequences for the system.

Can it be done?

Considering that Trump is a president incomparable to others, if an organization wants to change, it would be the best Trump.

Considering the impact he has had on people and the unpredictable behavior, let’s see how he comes back with a plan in the coming days. It will not have a profound effect on the organization, but it is more likely to divide Republicans.

With the recent events, he had a crisis in the party, which could be culminated in an attempt to establish a new party …

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