The United States is preparing for an economic war against Russia over Ukraine

The United States is preparing for an economic war against Russia over Ukraine

If Russia decides on a full-scale aggression against Ukraine, the United States will respond with an unprecedented economic blow to the occupier, which will be stronger than the current sanctions.

In an interview about this “Ukrainian Truth” Said Andrei Byontkovsky, a Russian opposition campaigner and analyst. According to him, such support for Ukraine from US partners is no more important than military support.

“In the event of an occupation, the Americans will take action if they try to seize Ukraine or parts of it. Sanctions are painful. But on a large scale these are thorns. America will go to a total economic war. This means disconnection from SWIFT, the oil embargo and the so-called Russian trillion – The assets of oligarchy and the authorities close to Putin, “said Byronkovsky.

He expressed confidence that while the Americans would not send troops to fight in Ukraine, everything else would be done with regard to military support. It is the provision of weapons, the arrival of consultants with instructors, and the presence of ships in the Black Sea.

“All these measures are completely devastating to the Russian economy. So far, not a single shot has been fired, but you can already see how tense the ruble is behaving in the stock markets. Putin is a maniac in this weak game“, – said the advertiser.

“Crossing the border, it’s scary to start a real war. What should he do? Should he back down? Unfortunately, that’s the level of madness playing in the Russian media. Putin and his entourage on the brink of catastrophic action against Russia“, – he said briefly.

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As announced OBOZREVATEL, A similar scene was previously voiced by the leader of the Front Party European Parliament (European People’s Party) Manfred Weber. He suggested an increase in Russian troops in eastern Ukraine E.S. US responds to sanctions against Russian Federation – suspends and disbands oligarchy accounts Russia from Swift payment system… In Russia, his words were called “Political PR”.

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