[Fiches Draft] Forgotten Runner Kenneth Cainwell (RP) |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Fiches Draft] Forgotten Runner Kenneth Cainwell (RP) | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Kenny Cainwell – runs behind – 22 Reply – R.S. Sophomore – Memphis

Cut: 1 m80

Weight: 86 kg

Draft rated status: 2e – 3e tour

Statistics 2019 (Choose 2020): 1,459 yards in 231 carriages, 610 yards in 51 receptions, 16 touchdowns

NFL Comparison: Theo Ridic

Points forts

– Versatile / tracks
– Primary
– Vision
– Redirect / change

Kenny Cainwell is a talented racer because he is a talented catcher. Author of a season at 2,000 yards in 2019, he has shown that he can produce at all levels. An excellent track runner, he has the usual profile of a “modern” runner, and this versatility will be an asset to many owners.

Able to position himself in the slot, he has very secure hands, only 3 drops in 60 receptions, more than enough for a runner. His vision is above average and he will always find free space. Faced with a zonal defense, these are players who can give a headache.

This adds extra dimension to his game, and this vision is complemented by powerful movements to lose the defender. With good lateral movement, he has absolutely dangerous “cuts” and is often problematic for the line recipient.

Weak points

– Experience
– Physical / Inhibitor
– Speed

Like many players this season, Cainwell has stepped down in 2020, so he only has one season as a starter. This is very rare, especially since it develops in a conference where it is considered weak. So this is a dangerous profile, which will scare some owners.

Physically, Cainwell is not a strong runner. Although he is six feet tall, he weighs only 86 kg, which is less than short athletes like Michael Carter and Jared Patterson. This physical inadequacy raises doubts about his ability to be a runner in 3 attempts. He will definitely have a threatening role in the third attempt on a team.

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The last mistake is probably the most basic: Kenny Cainwell has no speed. He’s slow and far, but he’s making more difference in his movements and feins than his speed. This is far from being an obstacle to his candidacy, but it loses consideration for him in the first round.

Goals are possible

Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals

Many teams that could have chosen a ride in the early lap have replaced the attack coordinators, so the choice of which game modes to use is uncertain. But if a team is looking for a versatile player to develop into a widespread attack, Cainwell is the perfect profile.

In an Miami-like attack where quarterbacks need safety valves, Cainwell can do wonders. Another attack that Cainwell could thrive on: Arizona. In the setting of Cliff Kingsbury, who is always creative, the Memphis runner can be brought to the ground just like he blows in the wind.

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