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Cumulonimbus clouds caused by rain that caused the Augusta Augusta helicopter crash? Camulonimbus is a form of contagious rain. Like rain falling from the sky. When such rain falls in half an hour, there will be strong winds and sometimes lightning. No lightning yesterday.

Helicopters like the Augusta will not be affected by the rain. How important rain is to the pilot’s vision is important. It is up to the pilot to determine if it is safe to fly in the rain. It is common for pilots to avoid flying in a helicopter if the wind blows too fast. But if the weather is good when you leave, if the weather changes before you reach your destination:


The pilot must make a decision on the itinerary considering the change.

If necessary, the helicopter should be landed and the passengers placed in a safe place.

Never fly in the cloudy sky again.

Do not fly if you see cumulonimbus clouds.

One estimate is that the pilot lowered the helicopter and landed as close as possible without attempting to reach nearby land, even though the wind was not strong when viewed from the ground.

It is estimated that the helicopter reached the top of the swamp on the ground and suddenly came down due to heavy rain and wind. Eyewitnesses say it was a descent.

Kuttikad Rajesh Kanna and his wife Viji pointed out the scene of the accident. The helicopter is covered with blue paper

Both possibilities will be explored in detail by experts. Considering both, the skill of the pilot significantly reduces the impact of the accident and thus the risk.

English Samme: Nature and Causes of Cumulonimbus Clouds

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