Alternative: What is this series with Joystar?

Alternative: What is this series with Joystar?

Rapper Joystar stars in The Substitute, in which he plays a temporary teacher with unusual methods.

After Mafiosa, ten percent, Captain Marlio, Munch and Gloria, the 53-year-old rapper continues the PAF in this fiction, which will be found on Monday, April 12 at 9:05 pm on TF1. Joystar plays a French teacher named Nicolas Valor, who does not care how to teach.

When it came to alternatives in a high school, “his imaginative methods and his distinctive style did not take long to appeal to students and his peers.”

“The producers came to me to ask what I wanted to do. I had this thought in mind for a while. She came to me when I heard the news that the National Education had reduced staffing and teaching conditions were extended to those with a bachelorette, who had to complete their training through an internship. I told myself it opened the door for different editors, ”says the actor, who was inspired by several films to feed the project.

“I mentioned the film Document with Adrian Brady, a play in the American school setting. I had in mind the circle of missing poets, with the intention of transforming it into our time,” he says.

“When Valor took his students to a lecture competition, I wanted to get a little off the classic track with amazing writers like Leon-Contron Damas or Rimbaud, who we finally found rarely in the school curriculum. ”.

Don’t bore the audience literary risk? Joystar did not promise. “It tends to take us to alternative, different, vibrant things that affect the dynamics of the stories. Through the character of Valerie and the students, we face two communities that collide in language culture. This is one of my favorite aspects of language.” .

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Barbara Schulz, Sebastian Sasakne, Stephen Gillan, Nadia Rose or even Armelle complete the cast.

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