Kevin smashes the misconception about Torrent Nets with the right argument

Kevin smashes the misconception about Torrent Nets with the right argument

Covered with a star that has never been in history, the Nets should be eyeing all eyes this season … and all the questions. But Kevin Durant removed the key one with an argument he had forgotten in many.

The first team in history to have 6 players in their lifetime (!) In the All-Star box, the Nets have put forward the idea of ​​super steam beyond the limits established until then. In doing so, the New York team caught the eye of all onlookers, and raised countless questions about the ability of all of these handsome men to live together.

To make matters worse, the magical trio, with wounds to each other James Horton, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have played only a handful of games in the playoffs. The question is obvious: Will everyone know their role and play when the post-season comes?

At ESPN’s microphone, KD made it clear that he had no worries about this, and for good reason: he relied on a common past on Team USA teams.

Our experience with Team USA has helped a lot and I think it will help a lot. When you are in such an environment (national team, teacher’s note), you are forced not to “shrink”, but to focus on your ego and when to use it.

Yes, sometimes you have to step back a bit for the good of the team. I think we all know it.

Team USA, Famous. In fact during the 2016 Olympic campaign, Torrent, Irving and Diandre Jordan became very close and spawned the nucleus of a plan to play together – which took place 4 years later in Brooklyn.

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So, the trio are well aware of the need to sometimes sacrifice for the good of the team, and Jordan is one of the clearest examples of this, which was recently ejected from the cycle and pushed to the cheerleader standard.

Lamarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin have gone through the Team USA box, especially since Ego and figures are at a point in their lives where they are no longer a priority. Horton, finally, has been beyond reproach since his arrival in Brooklyn, and has silenced many critics in this regard. So, for now, there is no reason to doubt what Kevin Durand said!

Will there be conflicts in the playoffs over who will dominate the ball and who will take the big shots from Brooklyn’s side? No one can tell. But Kevin Torrent is confident that Team USA’s experience is strong enough to make the All-Stars list.

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