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This is your new Sunday night meeting on the 13ème RUE. Appropriate is a detective series related to a conspiracy to deal with the O-very hot matter on the border between the United States and Mexico. His hero (he’s not one), Michael Siglis, introduced you last week in an already signed video. SFR News. But he was the only one we could discuss in the video on the show சந்தி Meeting with Juan Pablo Raba and Adriana Boss.

They play two other central characters Coyote. Juan Pablo Raba, you can recognize him if you follow Narcos On Netflix: He played Pablo Escobar’s cousin Gustavo Gaviria. Here, the Colombian actor is in the same role (more or less), this time as the head of a cardinal: he is Juan Diego “El Cadrin” Zamora. Meanwhile, Adriana Boss is less well known to the general public, and this Mexican actress has starred mostly in local and Spanish productions so far. In this series, the American, he slips into the skin of a resident of a small Mexican village, with whom the protagonist Ben Clemens approaches.

Both provide a good service Coyote, With the characters they want to create. After Michael Siglis, Juan Pablo Raba and Adriana Boss, in their view of the series, their characters, according to them, form such an appropriate project, what awaits the rest interview.

Adriana Boss: It was a great opportunity to work with this incredible team – Michael McLaren (producer), David Craziano (Shoranner), Michael Ciglis, Juan Pablo Raba, all of those great actors… and the series is very well done. It’s a fantastic show and intense drama, evoking profound topics that affect the community today. It was a challenge because it was only my second big project in English, so playing in that language was a challenge for me. I had to work hard to improve my English, I am learning a lot and I am very happy to work with these people.

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Juan Pablo Raba: As Adriana said, with such talents, the opportunity to work on and off camera is very appealing. So, this is definitely a reason for us to accept such a plan, when we are called and then selected. As an artist, I would say that this is a great opportunity not only in the United States, but in the world as well, to address important issues such as the question of immigration and borders. Opportunity to access them without taking pages, focusing on the lives of the people involved, humans, which helps the audience understand the problem. Through the script, through our characters, we help people put themselves in their shoes. If you want to solve the problem you have to do it, you have to humanize it first.

Juan Pablo Raba: Absolutely. This was the first reason I wanted to play this role, which gave me the opportunity to escape the clich. This allowed me to show what I consider to be the most dangerous criminals in the world: those who sit in the chairs of the heads or directors of big companies, those who have seats in politics, those who appear on television in companies. Meetings or charity events … and was able to simulate one of these men Bad guy Latin America, which is usually shown on American television, it was definitely interesting to me.

Adriana Boss: Sylvia represents a segment of the population that is not a criminal or a victim. He wants to help and cares about what is happening to the community. But she’s not all white, she’s also a man who makes mistakes, or sometimes makes bad decisions. I think he represents empathy in this situation. But as Juan Pablo said, El Catherine is not all black or white, and the same is true of Sylvia. This is very interesting in this series.

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Adriana Boss: Of course. It brings reality to fiction. When you can’t hear the language of the area where the action is located, you can take a certain distance. When we hear the local language, we invest more in this fiction. And it brings a lot of culture to the series, the colors, the good stuff only …

Juan Pablo Raba: I think this is part of a new wave on the American small screen, which has certainly become more subtle, it sees less things in black and white, it tries to detect these different nuances between good and evil. Coyote Beyond the boundaries of a white rescuer don’t talk to everyone out there about how things work. Rather, it is about a character who sees the world in black and white, who will actually learn that things are more complicated than he thought. This is good and important about today’s television and cinema. When we talk a lot about walls and borders, we can build bridges with projects like this that are tearing these walls apart. This is what makes them so relevant.

Juan Pablo Raba: Already, you should know that the first season was reduced due to Covit-19. The first season was supposed to have 10 episodes, but we were only able to do 6. So there is still a lot to say! The beauty of this series is that as it progresses, you see how these two worlds collide. The more we progress, the more blurred the lines between good and evil begin to appear … and then, as I said, like that series Coyote Starting a discussion can certainly help change the situation. When a series is good, when a film is good, when a book is good, when it is deep, it motivates people to talk about it. When entertaining, it makes you think.

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